North Jersey Federal Credit Union Is On A Roll.













North Jersey Federal Credit Union (NJFCU) wanted to go green in a big way, and we at NJCD were happy to help them do it. In a big way.

Announcing the GreenMachine: a bio-fueled mobile banking center designed by NJCD to move the North Jersey Federal brand as the Machine moves money around North Jersey.

We designed the GreenMachine’s graphics to make a confident statement about North Jersey Federal at a time when feelings about financial institutions are at an all-time low. Credit unions in general, and NJFCU in particular, have emerged as islands of stability and outstanding customer service in the stormy tempest that has engulfed the U.S. banking industry.

While banks have hunkered down, North Jersey Federal has moved boldly ahead with a number of initiatives, among them a project to Go Green. The GreenMachine is a rolling statement about responsibility, the future, and the benefits of banking with North Jersey Federal.

This mobile bank runs on bio-diesel and houses a working ATM. North Jersey Federal is using the GreenMachine to provide service and introduce its unique brand throughout the region. We’ve been happy to help them put the best possible face on that effort.